ANENG PN103 Digital Clamp Meter AC/DC Current

1.NCV non-contact measurement: when AC voltage or electromagnetic field is detected, the instrument emits a beep, which makes insulation measurement safer
2.600A large current, accurately measure the DC current of cars, TV, audio, etc., adjust to the DC current gear and clamp it
3. Large range and high precision 34mm jaw, clamp gauge can measure current without breaking single strand wire
4.AC current measurement, manual turntable gear current measurement, clamp wire with clamp, non-contact is safer
5.Under LIVE mode, a single pen can realize the display of zero and live line judgment — H, with beep, zero line has no response
6.Don’t be afraid to bring your flashlight in the dark, and you can still see clearly at night with the backlight bright screen

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Model: PN103
Maximum count: 6000
DC voltage: 600mV~600V
AC voltage: 6V~600V
AC current: 0A~600A
DC current: 0A~600A
Temperature ℃ ℉: 600 ℃, 112 ℉
Material: ABS
Battery: AAA * 2 (shipped without battery)

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