ST 1520 Earth Tester SEW

● Measure ground resistance (Ω) and ground voltage (ACV).
● The measurement current is only 2mA, which is not easy to cause the tripping of the leakage circuit breaker.
● Press “PUSH ON” and “TIMER ON” at the same time to measure for a long time.
   After about 5 minutes, it will automatically shut down to avoid wasting power.
● The wiring is correct, the red light (LED) will display during measurement.
● Numerical lock function.
● Easy to use, carry and store.
● Operates on batteries.
● Passed the European safety inspection
   EN 61010-1 CAT III 200V
   EN 55022  

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 Measurement gear Grounding resistance : 0~20Ω/0~200Ω/0~2000Ω
Grounding voltage : 0-200V AC(40-500Hz)
 Accuracy Ground resistance : ±(2% of reading + 2 digits or ±0.1Ω Ground voltage : ±(1% of reading + 2 digits )
 Ground Resistance Resolution  0-20Ω : 0.01Ω 0-200Ω 
 0.1Ω 0-2000Ω : 1Ω
 Measurement system  820Hz   2mA constant current
 monitor  Liquid crystal display (LCD) 3½ digits maximum reading 1999)
 Low power indication  Display symbol “B”
 Numeric lock indication  Display symbol “DH”
  Dimensions  163( )×100( )×50( )mm
  weight  About 480 grams including battery )
 use battery  1.5V(AA)×6( pcs )


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