PROVA 136 Temperature Calibrator (RTD + TC)

1.  High precision and combination of RTD and Thermocouple (TC) calibration

2.  Source and measure 14 types of RTD and resistance: PT100, PT10, PT50, PT200, PT500, PT1000, Cu, Ni, YSI

3.  Source and measure 11 types of thermocouples (TC): K, J, E, T, R, S, N, L, U, B, C

4.  4W, 3W, and 2W connections for RTD simulation and measurement

5.  Current calibration of 4 fixed values (100μA, 250μA, 1mA, and 2mA)

6.  ℃ and ℉ selectable

7.  Accept wide range of excitation current (0.05mA to 5mA) for RTD simulation

8.  Individual cold junction compensation (CJC) for simulation and measurement of thermocouples. CJC can be used to fine tune temperature calibration

9.   Easy 0% and 100% setup and operation

10. Easy 25%▲ (up) and 25 (down) for temperature calibration

11.    Individual memory of 0% and 100% setup for different RTD types and thermocouple types

12. Auto step and auto ramp for easy linear calibration

13.    Detection of too low or too high excitation current (LO or HI) from the measurement device

14. Warning of exceeding calibrator driving current (IEX)

15. Memory of last setup when power off

16. Easy numerical keypad for input

17. Dot Matrix LCD with backlight

18. Very low power consumption of 30mA with backlight off

19.    15 minutes smart auto-power-off. 15 minutes timer resets itself when any input changes

20.    2 minutes smart auto-backlight-off. 2 minutes timer resets itself when any input changes

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