PROVA 131 Multifunction Process Calibrator + DMM

1.    Source 4~20mA loop current.

2.    4~20mA (1KΩ load, 24V loop supply).

3.    Source: 0~100mV, 0~1.000V, 0~12.000V.

4.    Measure: DC mA, mV, V, Ω, Frequency (duty cycle), Diode, Continuity and temperature (°C, °F).

5.    Measure: AC (True RMS) mA, mV, V.

6.    Calibrate/Measure temperature of 11 types of thermocouples (K, J, E, T, R, S, N, L, U, B and C).

7.    0.1C & 0.1F Resolution.

8.    Detection of thermocouples disconnection.

9.    Source frequency (1 to 20000Hz).

10. Programmable duty cycle (0~100%) of frequency output.

11. Source and Measure Simultaneously.

12. Selectable HART 250Ω resistor to facilitate use with HART communication device.

13. Auto step and auto ramp for sourcing mA, V and temperature.

14. 25% ▲, 25% ▼, or programmable percentage (0~100%) increase and decrease.

15. Warning for overload, output open (mA) or short (mV, V).

16. Short circuit protection for voltage output.

17. Battery power indication (%).

18. Clear and easy user interface.

19. Applications:

(1) Calibration of 4~20mA panel meters.

(2)  LED brightness testing (0~24mA).

(3)  Temperature calibration of panel meters or instruments for 11 types of thermocouples.

(4)  Calibration of valve opening by changing duty cycle of a PWM signal.

(5) Output Frequency measurement of Inverter.

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