AR 991 Grain Moisture Meter Smart Sensor

  • This grain moisture meter can quickly measure the water content of 14 varieties of grain such as wheat corn rice peanut soybean and more.
  • LCD backlight display, convenient to read measuring data at darkness.
  • Designed with a speaker on the back of the meter, which can report the measuring reading.
  • High precision dual rod steel probe, durable in use.
  • Ergonomically design non-slip handle fits the hand well.
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Grain Can Be


rapeseed, sesame, soybean

meal, cotton, soybean, peanut,

barley, rice, sorghum, watermelon

seed, paddy, wheat, maize, fodder

Principle of Measurement

Resistance Method



Backlight Display

Deviation Adjustment


Resistance Alarm


Pre-set 10% / Adjustable

Memory Function


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