TES 33S Battery Capacity Tester

  • Storage Battery Systems Battery Capacity Testers, Check battery condition in seconds, with the battery in service!
  • Test Condition Without Shutting Down Battery
  • Simultaneously Measure Battery Resistance, Voltage, Current, Temperature
  • Auto-hold and Auto-data storage
  • Comparator Function
  • Rates Conditions as Pass, Warning, or Fail
  • Manual and Auto data memory and Read up to 999 data sets
  • Auto datalogging micro SD CARD 4GB up to 99 blocks
  • Compact and Lightweight
  • USB PC Interface
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attery Types Tested
Compact storage batteries, Alkali and lead-acid batteries.
Battery Capacity 0 to 1200AH
Resistance Ranges : 4mΩ,40mΩ,400mΩ,4Ω,40Ω,400Ω

Resolution : 1mΩ,10mΩ,100mΩ,1mΩ,10mΩ,100mΩ

Accuracy : ±(3%reading ± 20digits) on 4mΩrange.

±(0.8%reading ± 6digits) on 4mΩother ranges.

Measurement Condition
Current : Approx. 40mA,4mA,400mA, 40mA,4mA

Frequency : 1kHz±30Hz

DC Voltage Range : 6V, 60V

Resolution : 1mV, 10mV

Accuracy : ±(0.1%rdg±6digits)

Temperature Range : -20℃ to 60℃ (-4℉ to 140℉)

Resolution :0.1℃ / 0.1℉

Accuracy : ±1℃ / ±1.8℉

DC Current Range : 600A

Resolution : 0.1A

Accuracy : 600A : ±(2%rdg±2dgt)





plug wire)

Range 4A 30A
Resolution 1mA 10mA
Accuracy ±(2%rdg±
Open Circuit Voltage 5V max
Manual and Auto Data Memory & Read 999 data sets
Auto Datalogging micro SD CARD 4GB (maximum 99 blocks)
Comparator Setting : Resistance upper and lower limits and voltage threshold limit.

Memory : 99 sets of values

Operating Environment 0℃ to 40℃ (32℉ to 104℉), 80%RH or less, non-condensing.
Maximum Input Voltage 60VDC
Power Supply or AC Adapter Six AA size 1.5V alkaline batteries
Battery Life 5.5 hours
Dimensions/Weight Approx. 198(L)x 94(W)x 49(H)mm /Approx. 530g
Accessories Large clip – type test lead with temperature sensor,

Small clip – type test lead,


Pin – type test lead, 3092CP DCA current adaptor,

Zero adjustment board, Instruction manual,

batteries, AC adaptor, USB cable, CD PC software, Carrying case.


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