ST8900 Four-in-one gas detector Smart Sensor

A gas detector is an instrumentation tool for gas leak concentration detection, mainly referring to portable/handheld gas detectors. The gas sensor is mainly used to detect the type of gas existing in the environment. The gas sensor is a sensor used to detect the composition and content of the gas. It is generally believed that the definition of a gas sensor

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Product introduction:

This instrument is a portable multi-gas detector, which can continuously detect 4 kinds of gases at the same time: O2, LEL (combustible gas), CO, H2S. Each gas concentration reading is displayed on the LCD. The instrument allows users to set low-concentration/high-concentration alarm setting values, and STEL/TWA alarm function. When the detection result exceeds the preset alarm setting value, the instrument will alert the user with sound, light and vibration alarm.

technical parameter

detect gas

Oxygen / Carbon Monoxide / Hydrogen Sulfide / Combustible Gas

Measuring range

Oxygen: 0~30%VOL (Accuracy ±5%FS) Resolution: 0.1%VOL
Carbon Monoxide: 0~999PPM (Accuracy ±10%) Resolution: 1ppm
Hydrogen Sulfide: 0~500PPM (Accuracy ±5ppm) Resolution: 1ppm
Combustible gas: 0~100%LEL (accuracy ±5%FS) resolution 1%LEL

Alarm value setting

Upper and lower limit settings

TWA alarm value

Time-weighted average (referring to cumulative toxic gas exposure within 8 hours)

STEL alarm value

Short-term exposure to allowable concentration (15 minutes)

Sensor principle

Electrochemical principle (combustible is catalytic combustion)

Alarm method

Sound, light and vibration triple alarm, the alarm value can be set, and the alarm sound can reach 80 decibels

Zero setting mode


Standard gas setting mode



battery working time

6 hours without alarm

Display method

HD color display

charging interface

Micro USB DC 5V

Response time

<60 seconds

Working temperature


Working environment humidity


Storage temperature


Other parameters

Air pump measurement

Yes (optional)

Configuring the Sampling Pump Power Supply

Host DC 3V power supply

screen brightness adjustment


language selection



3.7V 1800mAh lithium battery

Product Weight


Product Size



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