Hantek handheld Oscilloscopes

  • Oscilloscope + Signal Source + Multimeter: One machine has multiple functions, three general test equipment functions, and an essential helper for engineers to go out at home;
  • Intelligent charging management chip: 5V/2A high current or ordinary computer USB port can be charged, worry-free and easy to use;
  • Ultra-low power consumption design: Type C charging interface, charging for 2 hours, use for a whole day, and standby for two months;
  • High-capacity lithium battery power supply: 18650 replaceable lithium battery power supply, to meet the long-term use;
  • 5V/2A charger + Type C charging data cable: Type C power supply + data transmission interface, which can share a set of charger and data cable with the mobile phone;
  • AUTO one-key test, test the necessary functions for the novice;
  • Small size, one-handed holding, 45-degree hanging bracket design, it is a workbench anytime, anywhere;
  • Two sets of reference waveforms + 6 sets of waveforms are saved, one-key recall, quick comparison, convenient and effective;
  • Digital voltmeter function: automatic frequency and amplitude measurement, convenient and worry-free;
  • Built-in cursor measurement function, support manual measurement of time and voltage, and accurately measure the required waveform;
  • Chinese and English language menu, one key switch;
  • Color LCD screen, fine and smooth lines , clear and enlarged waveform without distortion;
  • Minimalist keyboard design, simple operation, easy to use;
  • One-piece shell, delicate handle, strong impact resistance, outstanding heat resistance, and easy disassembly;
  • The system has its own calibration function, avoiding the trouble of not using level drift for a long time;
  • Universal multimeter function, voltage, current, resistance, diode, capacitance, continuity test;
  • Signal generator output function, providing sine wave, square wave, triangle wave, trapezoid wave, and other waveform output, the sine wave can reach 25MHz;
  • Scan code video help function: There is a QR code on the back of the machine, scan the code to watch the video help online;

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model Hantek2D72 Hantek2D42 Hantek2C72 Hantek2C42
bandwidth 70MHz 40MHz 70MHz 40MHz
number of channels 2CH oscilloscope + multimeter + signal source 2CH oscilloscope + multimeter + signal source 2CH oscilloscope + multimeter 2CH oscilloscope + multimeter
Sample rate range 250MSa/s (single channel), 125MSa/s (dual channel),
waveform interpolation (sin x)/x
record length 3K per channel
Horizontal scale range 5ns/div~500s/div 1, 2, 5 steps
AD converter 8-bit resolution, each channel is sampled simultaneously
Oscilloscope vertical scale range 10mV/div~10V/div at input BNC
Optional analog bandwidth limit, typical 20MHz
Low frequency response (-3db) ≤10Hz at BNC
Rise time at BNC, typical ≤5ns
Vertical Gain Accuracy ±3% in “normal” or “average” acquisition mode
Note: Bandwidth reduced to 6MHz when using X1 probe
Acquisition mode normal
type edge-triggered
model Auto, Normal, Single
level ±4 divisions from the center of the display
Trigger level accuracy 0.2 divisions × volts/div within ±4 divisions from the center display
slope rising edge, falling edge, rising edge or falling edge
source CH1/CH2
input coupling DC, AC or GND
Input Impedance, DC Coupled 25pF±3pF, 1MΩ±2%
Probe attenuation 1X, 10X
Support probe attenuation coefficient 1X, 10X, 100X, 1000X
Maximum input voltage 150V RMS
cursor Voltage difference between cursors △V
Time difference between cursors △T
automatic measurement frequency, peak-to-peak
Arbitrary Wave Signal Generator
Waveform frequency Sine wave: 1Hz~25MHz           –           –
Square wave: 1Hz~10MHz           –           –
Triangle wave: 1Hz~1MHz           –           –
Trapezoidal wave: 1Hz~5MHz           –           –
Sampling Rate 250MSa/s           –           –
Amplitude 5Vpp
Frequency resolution 0.10%           –           –
aisle 1 waveform output channel           –           –
Waveform depth 512Sa           –           –
vertical resolution 12 bit           –           –
Frequency Stability <30ppm           –           –
output impedance 50Ω           –           –
maximum resolution 4000 points
measurement method Voltage, current, resistance, capacitance, diode, continuity measurements
Maximum input voltage AC: 600V, DC: 600V
Maximum input current AC: 10A, DC: 10A
input resistance 10MΩ
Measurement item Resolution precision Resolution
DC voltage 400.00mV 100uV
4.000V 1mV
40.00V 10mV
400.0V 100mV
600.0V ± ( 1% + 2 ) 1V
Overload protection: 400mV range is 250V, other ranges are 600Vrms.
AC voltage 4.000V ± ( 1.2% + 5 ) 1mV
40.00V 10mV
400.0V 100mV
600.0V ± ( 1.5% + 5 ) 1V
Frequency range: 40Hz~400Hz;
400V and 600V range Frequency range: 40Hz~100Hz
DC 40.00mA ± ( 1% + 2 ) 10uA
200.0mA ± ( 1.5% + 2 ) 100uA
4.000A ± ( 1.8% + 2 ) 1mA
10.00A ± ( 3% + 2 ) 10mA
Overload protection: self-recovery fuse 200mA/250V , 4A , 10A range without fuse
Alternating current 40.00mA ± ( 1.3% + 2 ) 10uA
400.0mA ± ( 1.8% + 2 ) 100uA
4.000A ± ( 2% + 3 ) 1mA
10.00A ± ( 3% + 5 ) 10mA
Frequency range: 40Hz~400Hz ;
Self-recovery fuse: 200mA/250V ; 4A , 10A range without fuse
resistance 400.0Ω ± ( 1% + 3 ) 0.1Ω
4.000KΩ ± ( 1.2% + 5 )
60.00KΩ 10Ω
400.0KΩ 100Ω
4.000MΩ 1KΩ
40.00MΩ ± ( 1.5%±3 ) 10KΩ
Overload Protection: 220V RMS
capacitance 40.00nF ± ( 3% + 5 ) 10pF
400.0nF 100pF
4.000uF 1nF
40.00uF 10nF
100.0uF 100nF
Overload protection: 220V RMS
diode 0V~1.0V
On-off measurement <50Ω
General technical specifications
Display type 2.8 inch, color LCD screen
Display resolution 320*240
Display contrast adjustable
power supply
power supply AC 100V ~ 240V, 50Hz ~ 60Hz; DC input: 5VDC, 2A
Power consumption Less than 1.8W
fuse T, 3A
Battery 2600mA*2
operating temperature 0~50 °C (32~122 °F)
storage temperature -40~+71 °C (-40~159.8 °F)
humidity ≤+104℉(≤+40°C): ≤90% relative humidity
106°F~122°F (+41°C ~50°C): ≤60% relative humidity
cooling method convection
Altitude When operating and when not operating 3,000m (10,000ft)
mechanical shock random vibration 0.31 g RMS from 50Hz to 500Hz ,
10 minutes per axis
when not in operation 2.46g RMS from 5Hz to 500Hz ,
10 minutes per axis
while operating 50g, 11ms, half sine wave
Mechanical part
Oscilloscope size 199 x 98 x 40mm(LxWxH)
weight 400g
Product accessories Probe*1, Clip Line*2, Type C Line*1, Charger*1 Probe*1, Clip Line*2, Type C Line*1, Charger*1 Probe*1, Clip Line*1, Type C Line*1, Charger*1 Probe*1, Clip Line*1, Type C Line*1, Charger*1


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