1825 LP Digital LOOP/PSC/LOAD Tester SEW

● Microprocessor-controlled.
● Measures the voltage drop as if 16A was flowing between Line and
● Displays voltage without current (V at 0A).
● Display voltage as if 16A flowing between Line and Neutral (V at
● Loop test for L-E
● PSC between L-N.
● Single one smart push button operation; ON, Scroll through results
and menus.
● Checks wiring integrity (LEDs).
● Auto off/auto ranging (software range).
● Combined prospective short circuit current, loop and load tester.
● Display can be customized for large orders

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Loop impedance range L-E  0.03-2000Ω (software ctrl)
 Test currents in each loop  11.76A at 230V / 50Hz
 Voltage measurement L-N  50 to 280V AC (Sine)
 Load current for volt drop
 16A (Calculation)
 Neutral wire resistance  (Not available, see 1826 NA)
 Line wire resistance &
transformer windings
 (Not available, see 1826 NA)
 PSC current (L-N) max  6kA at 230Vac supply
 PSC current (L-E) max   (Not available, see 1826 NA)
 Operating voltage  230V±20V at 50Hz Sine
 Typical Accuracy
 Loop impedance  ±5%rdg ± 2dgt
 PSC current  ±12%rdg ± 5dgt
 Voltage  ±3%rdg ±1dgt
  -10°C to +40°C  80% Max.
relative humidity
 Dimensions  170(L) x 165(W) x 92(D)mm
 Weight (battery included)  Approx. 970g
 Power source  1.5V (AA) x 8
 Safety standard  EN 61010-1 CAT III 300V
EN 61326-1


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